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                   Books which inspires from the heart of Shirley to help the sad hurt and lonely,   with the help of God and understanding of her 
husband, James Olson 

           Hi, I 'm Shirley. Through the years and in our lives and travels, my husband and I found many who are lonely, hurt and in need of help and encouragement. These stories are written to help these wonderful people, by showing how God can inspire their lives and change their circumstances.

  The Truth Shall Set You Free  Fiction book showing how God helps many abused, abandoned, and hurt by others. Included is an index of statistics of abuse; types of abuse, and abusers; and  help for those who may be searching and in need.

  Train Wreck in the Sierras: This is written to help those threatened by terrorist or others who may hurt them, showing how we can learn and understand different cultures and nationalities and help and teach each other to live together as our Heavenly Father intended.

  Life After Death: This non-fiction story deals with a family's walk after a loved ones suicide and how they were able to overcome this tragedy with spiritual help. Also  included is questions and answers and steps to deal with death and dying of loved ones, updated (2014) 2nd edition  stats and Q&A on death and dying.

  Bitter Betrayal: But Sweet The Revenge:  This fiction story is the first of two-book series, which show how when someone is hurt by betrayal  others may be put into their lives  to help them get through this time. It also shows how  important it is to forgive and forget those who hurt us. 

   Oh No,My Ex is Back and Causing trouble Again:( Second book of the this series, eleven years later) This story shows how a beautiful angel girl child, is able to melt the hard-heart of a embittered biological father by showing him God's love. 

    Heal My Heart:  Short story in Anthology: Romance and Mystery Under the Northern Lights. This story shows how when a young girl threatened by abuse  is able to escape to freedom. With the help of others, she is able to learn how to love and find love. 
    Terror in Texas   A suspense thriller fiction. This story shows that when a family is in trouble, the children come as gang-busters to help their parents.There is danger, fear and suffering but also romance and love.
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Second book of series
Oh no, My Ex is Back: and Causing trouble again
Bitter Betrayal: How Sweet The Revenge-
First book of two-book series 

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Released in 2012
Terror in Texas--A Mexican gang inflicts fear,pain and suffering on an American family.
Life after Death 2nd edition with updated stats in suicide with helps.Also Q&A on death and dying.
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